Giant city in diabro

  1. I saw this giant city in black and white combination in diabro today and the price is quire attractive too. Somehow, I heard that suede material is quite difficult to maintain. It will also cause color transfer from clothings. Can anyone advise here on how to prevent this from happening and would like to share pics of the bag if you own one?
  2. I have this bag your talking about. Ive been using it for abt a week. Its still great. No transfer of colour or anything. Just use appleguard.
  3. Do you think it's a type-o on Diabro? It's weird because all the other giant bags are way more....something doesn't seem right about that. It's a nice looking bag though and if that price is right I'd say go for it!
  4. I've been hung up on that bag too. It really is a nice price!! Driving me nuts!! I can't truly decide if I want an all leather city, or a suede would do. The colour combo is killer too. All this deciding this season is sooooo TOUGH!
  5. Okay, here are my pictures of the bag in question. Also, I purchased the adorable coin purse that matches! Too cute! Barney's says that the CP color is navy/white, but I can't see a difference in the bag and the coin purse. I haven't used them yet so I can't comment on the color transfer. Also, the price isn't a typo. That is really the price you pay!:yes:
    The only thing that I would say, is that if it is your first Balenciaga I would definitely get the all leather instead of the leather/suede. You NEED to experience the leather!!!!!:heart::heart:
    Also, I wanted to say that I LOVE the color of the hardware on this bag! My NM LE City has the same hardware, and it seems to go with either silver or gold jewelry, etc.
    100_4189.jpg 100_4193.jpg