Giant brief -- what color??

  1. so my sis desperately wants a giant brief and i promised i would get her her first big ticket designer bag for her b-day/graduation (of course her bday is monday so i need to get something now). the problem is i'm not really a brief or gh fan so i'm struggling with what to get her. she wears a lot of neutrals (black, white, grey) and right now only has one handbag (a black coach). black would be the safe choice but a color might be more fun. any giant brief lovers out there want to chime in?
  2. I just got a gh brief in mastic and it's beautiful!! I also have the truffle and white gh briefs. I think something besides black would be a great choice since she already has the black coach - something different - good luck!!
  3. I have a giant brief in Naturel and it's to die for. Naturel is an elegant color -- neutral yet the paleness of it makes it really stand out. It's like a very very pale taupe/oyster color. The gold GH makes it look very luxe. And the best part is, it goes with absolutely everything! May be hard to find though -- perhaps LVR still has some?
  4. I have a Giant Brief in black. I'm usually a fan of bright colors, but nothing really "called" to me when I bought my Brief. I do think that the Natural is pretty.

    But it has a lot to do with you sister... Do you think she'd carry a lighter colored bag? Some people are just "black bag" girls and if she's one of those, I'd go with black since it's what she'd love the most. Also, there are some silver GH Briefs out there--saw one at my local NM, but it didn't wow me the way that my gold one does.

    IMHO, the larger styles like the Brief look better with gold instead of silver GH and I'm normally a silver hardware chick!
  5. i think the gh looks lovely on light colors like natural but i don't think sis is ready for a light colored bag (i expect her to carry this bag everyday so it will need to be hardy). she's such a handbag newbie that she doesn't know if she's a black bag girl yet. i'm certain she will get good use out of a black bag (and my first bbag was black), but there's a part of me that wants to get her something more fun, especially since it's summer. thanks for all the tips -- keep 'em comin!
  6. Why dont you get a marine GH brief - it is a colour but is still neutral! And I wish my sister bought me bags lol
  7. I personally think the Giant brief looks best in white, but that might be a little impractical for everyday use since it might get dirty. Natural or Marine would be lovely too as others have suggested and probably safer options.
  8. You're such an awesome sister! I don't have a brief...yet! But my next bbag is hopefully going to be a giant brief. I'm leaning towards the darker colors as well, I think this season's brown and black are both lovely! A girl will always need at least one brown and one black bag, right? She already has a black coach...maybe she'll appreciate a brown one?
  9. ooh marine does sound lovely but i think it will be hard to find. part of the reason i wanted to buy her her first bbag is to make sure she doesn't buy a fake one on eBay!