Giant Brief Bags In White And Red Arrived!!

  1. OMG :yahoo::nuts::heart:

    I dont know what else to say except I'm in awe
  2. WOW!! Those are very pretty colors!! Are you keeping them both??:graucho:
  3. Um.. I don't like that look in your eyes lol *chaining bags to my body*
  4. They are both beauties!!!!! Lucky you!
  5. So beautiful! I especially like the white with GH, just gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. So Hot! Love them both! I'd love to see pics of you wearing them!
  7. Congrats!! Gorgeous colors. I really like the white one. Is it a true white or is it more of an off white?
  8. Gorgeous!!!!! Congratulations!
  9. it is pretty much a true white
    we have lots of this colour at my city's Saks
  10. I am SERIOUSLY considering trying to sell my RH White City to get a GH White Brief ..... that is TDF!!
  11. QueenVictoria, I'll take that RH white city off your hands :graucho:

  12. Which Saks is that ??? :p
  13. stunning bags! can you post modeling pics so i can get an idea of what the brief looks like "on"? thanks and congrats!
  14. Gorgeous!!

    Is that red Vermillion?
  15. I like the brief in White :smile: gorgeous colors :love: Congratulations!