Gianni Bini bags, good quality?

  1. Hm. Okay. March of this year was my mom's birthday. We were walking around Dillards and she saw this leather Gianni Bini bag for about $160. I thought 'Hey, Okay, Cool.' So, being the nice daughter that I am :p I got it for her for birthday. But, also being the Coach addict, I bought her a Scribble Mini Skinny. =] But...Now Im wondering, Why didnt I just buy her a more high-end bag for the $160 instead of Gianni Bini, which no one has heard of? >_< But thats not the real question I want to ask, ;) the real question:

    Does anyone own a Gianni Bini bag and do they last a while?
    And Secondly, has anyone even heard of Gianni Bini?
  2. Never had a bag but did buy a pair of shoes though.
    I guess if your mom likes it then it was a good buy...
  3. I have seen Gianni Bini bags online and IRL at Dillards and Macy's and I think they are very pretty bags with nice styles and hardware. I have never ownd one but there are a couple

    that I am considering buying for myself, they keep catching my eye!!



    I hope you mom loves hers!
  4. Love their jeans!!! Those are good quality. I'm sure their purses are great!
  5. They are only sold at our Dillards. I think they are created especially for Dillards, as I have only seen that brand there...unless someone else may have seen them elsewhere.......just like Antonio Melani. They are nice quality bags, but I like squishy soft leather, and I think the GB bags have stiffer leather.
  6. Gianni Bini have great shoes! They are probably in my top 2! I am actually fixing to buy the Gianni Bini Logo Print Duffle. I'm sure it will be great. I am actually a Michael Kors girl. I love everything he has out there! Hope your mom enjoys her bag.
  7. I have never owned one, but have seen some really cute ones.