Giambattista Valli


Sep 11, 2006
Ever since Little Miss Poshy Posh Posh aka Victoria Beckham has been carrying this brand's bag, I've searched for his collections, and I'm very intrigued by his collections! All of his styles are very etheral and very glamourous with an haute couture kick to it. :heart: :heart: :heart:

You guys should check out this up-and-coming designer that Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Mischa Barton have been sported wearing. The doctor bag from S/S '07 is really to die for!!!!!!

Every season has its star designer that features to-die-for collections, and I really think that Giambattista Valli makes his mark here...
I've been noticing his line more recently. I really like the white GV dress Hilary Swank wore to the Golden Globes. I see him as part of the recent "romantic" movement with designers like Oliver Thyskens(Rochas) including ruffles, ethereal fabrics and colors. Sigh. . . I could go on and on!