Giah!!! What should I get for my exchange...Thoughts pls

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What should I exchange my alma for

  1. Artsy MM (Empreinte)

  2. Artsy MM (Mono)

  3. Damier Beaubourgh

  4. Graphite Keepall55

  5. Evora GM

  6. speedy 30 (damier)

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  1. I am pretty sure, I am not supposed to be this happy... but my Gres Alma's handle went crazy and start peeling like nobody's business so I send it in for repair but after 4 months, they told me that they still cannot get the spare part but they are willing to do an exchange for me !!! I know I am on a ban.. but surely this doesn't qualified rite??::graucho::lol::P

    Now I am in dilemma what should I get ... My potential list
    - Artsy MM (Empreinte) Earth or Infini?
    - Artsy MM (Monogram)
    - evora GM
    -a graphite Keepall 55
    - Damier Beaubourg
    - Speedy 30 damier

    Okie.. I know it is pretty much a wide net to is the bags I already have
    - Speedy B Monogram 35
    - Alma (Blue)
    - Epi speedy (toledo blue)
    - Epi noe

    Any ideas?? I travel often and carries laptop and stuff around.. My current favorite is artsymm but.. i do have to top up a fair bit for that :'(
  2. Artsy Mono.... I have one and use it all the time. My fave bags out of all my bags
  3. I voted for the emp artsy in infini because you need a shoulder bag in your collection, and you obviously like blue, But i also think mono artsy as a 2nd choice because you only have 1 mono so far. Definitely between those 2 :smile:
  4. Go all out and get the Emp. Artsy..
  5. Artsy mono
  6. Empriente Artsy - its just so beautiful!
  7. thanks everuone..seems everyone is into artsy :smile:
    infini or chocolate? i would have love orage but that was super discontinued
  8. Infini Emp. Artsy!!
  9. İnfini artsy or mono artsy
  10. Empr. Artsy for sure!
  11. Empreinte Artsy!!;)