Giada Gucci Handbag


Jan 8, 2006
This maybe crazy but Giada from the Foot network has a cooking show she carried a Gucci Hobo Black Leather Bag in one show where she is in Italy. I love that bag and want to find it. It's a needle in hay stack but,does anyone have any idea where to get it, what the sytle is any info on it would be appreciated. Thanks
i vaguely remember seeing it (and the delicious looking prosciutto).........i think it was from this line of bags with the big metal G's on them

My understanding is that it was sold in 2004 and is no longer available. I've been hunting for a similar style sold at the same time...the shape of the bag is more rectangular in shape, is black with no stripe and has the same large GGs.

Perhaps if you watch EBay? But be careful, this bag has been knocked off so there are fakes out there.