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  1. Okay so this was my first designer bag purchase of my life.. and now I regret it. I got the black w/ gold hardware and was so excited I unboxed it and only wore it for a hour out.. today I was looking at it and it kind of looks TOO yellow? It didn’t seem that way in the store and the sales associates kept telling me I looked better with the gold but now I’m freaking out cause I don’t know if ill be able to exchange it.. or wear it (pls disregard the cleavage) I know it’s my fault because it was kind of an impulse buy cause I wanted to treat myself.. but what would you do if you were in my position?

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  2. I prefer the gold. I think it looks great. It’s not too yellow. I think it looks nice.
  3. YSL allows exchanges within 30 days of purchasing if I am remembering correctly. I understand what you are saying about the gold looking too yellow. This was my exact concern when I bought my YSL Kate a few months ago. I decided to go with silver hardware. Best of luck to you.
  4. I like the gold. I’ve seen this in person, debated between gold and black hardware. Ended up getting black but I will eventually get a similar design in gold
  5. I think it looks great on you and the bag looks very pretty. If you regret it already and think it’s too yellow you’ll probably never wear it. I don’t know if they’ll exchange it after you used it but if it’s in perfect condition they may allow you to change for silver. I also think sometimes the gold looks too bright on some bags but it’s very classic. Go with what your instincts say.
  6. I personally like the ghw and their yellow gold color is what makes them stand out compared to other brands imo but not all colors look good with the ghw. I think yours is good and if I could get a deal then for ghw i would have opted for that first.
  7. I prefer GHW over SHW on all black bags as in my opinion silver looks cheap on black leather. Gold looks more classy and it looks great with your outfit on that picture.
    But if you already have second thoughts now, you’ll likely not carry it as often. I’d bring it back to the store and ask for an exchange. If the bag is in perfect condition, they might let you exchange it.
    Keep us posted on what you decide on. Good luck!
  8. Had the same dilemma when I was buying my YSL. Personally I think the SHW on black made the bag look cheap, GHW looks richer and makes the bag look fancier BUT I mainly have silver-tone jewlery and zippers on jackets so I felt GHW would clash. I ended up getting black with black hardware. I also think it depends what occasions and what clothing youll be wearing it with. Does gold or silver go more with your wardrobe?
  9. I have ysl bags with gold & silver hardware. I feel like the silver allows it to be more casual & edgy while the gold is more of a classic formal look. Personally, i love how the gold looks against the black, it’s a statement piece.
  10. I think the gold looks perfect especially against the black. I also don’t think you should try to return a bag that was used even if just for an hour.
  11. Agree with Brandon4268 above. Also, maybe it's just me but I feel like certain brands work better with certain hardware colors--Chanel I usually prefer gold, Saint Laurent I feel is edgier so I prefer silver/black/gunmetal.

    It is quite a yellow gold, but not overly so I think.
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  12. just want an update to the thread starter, did u change it to SHW? I have the same dillema now. I just purchased it in GHW but im like thinking shiny silver is better >_<
  13. i actually found a defect on the black w/gold hardware bag... they let me bring it back and i exchanged it for the silver because it was definitely a sign to just get silver
  14. I also went back to the shop and replaced mine with SHW. Now I can rest in peace lol

  15. hahah theres times i kinda miss the gold hardware but then i remember the chain looking extra yellow
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