1. So what do you all think of Ghurka?

    Today I got an amazing deal on a wallet. I got the wallet with pass case which is usually $170.00 for only .... $42!!!! That is a total steal! Von Maur is dropping them from their brand line up, so they are selling them at like 75% off! It was an amazing deal because I have been looking for a designer wallet that would transition seamlessly from one bag to another...

    I'm just so excited!:tup:
  2. love their stuff, reminds me of coach, before they blew up.
    a classic,and talk about quality leather. i think they last for generations.

    may i ask where they are selling ghurkas for 75% off? is it at their store?
    i've been wanting one for awhile. would love to snatch one up!

  3. I think Ghurkha is a great brand. I buy it at the outlet at Woodbury Common. Conservative bags, beautifully made.
  4. I like the Charlie in orange but it's a little too pricey for me. But if it were on sale....
  5. I had never heard of Ghurka before today. I love the simplicity of some of the bags.
  6. Love them! Beautiful, well made and understated with great details. And love that not everyone has them ...
  7. My husband's last 3 wallets have been Ghurkas. I first saw them at Nordstrom, and I got him one for Christmas about 10 years ago. He is really rough on wallets, always stuffing them full, then jamming them into his back pocket. He mostly wears jeans, so the wallet really takes a beating. These wallets tend to look good for him about three years, then I get him a new one. I think if he was more gentle, it would probably last forever.
  8. they used to have an outlet near me when i was a teenager . My mom and I owned some bags of theirs back then and they were very well made. That was like 20 years ago , though!