Ghurka, the first "designer handbag" we ever purchased . . . . .

  1. 27 years later is it still doing daily duty, and commands a premium price, but we don't see it here. Is it just an American brand? Not enough Celebrity Buzz? Doesn't any one care about Ghurka? We don't sell it (no one does, that we know of, and it isn't counterfeited,. . . .maybe a sign that no one cares?????) As best we know it is sold at Nordstrom's (he still carries a Ghurka wallet after 10 years. . . .and he is hard on wallets =) and at their boutiques in San Francisco and New York. But no mention here on TPF. Why is that?

    Just wondering,
  2. I had a Ghurka years ago that I bought at a thrift shop. It showed a little wear when I bought it, but I *loved* that bag! I'd probably still be carrrying it if not for a big ink stain that bled through the canvas. :push:
  3. Never heard of this line but googled it. Broad line of leather goods and as their site says, "understated."
    Very nice but the women's bags are more conservative than I would buy.
  4. Thanks. Do you think they have been too conservative and become the "L.L.Bean" Bag? (Just being funny here.)

    In our early years =) we bought Dooney & Burke and Ghurka: great quality, last forever, never go out of style. Has "never go out of style" gone out of style? =)
  5. I've seen them advertised in Forbes before and I wouldn't mind a luggage set :drool: But honestly they seem very pricey.
  6. I've never heard of them before seems they never really made it in Europe and I just looked at their bags and must say that they look very concervative and not very special. IMO they don't have the twist what bags have to have. They looked like every bag that you can buy in a good leather shop.
  7. I'm afraid it's true.

    "Never go out of style" is out.

    Ok, it's not really. Chanel, Hermes, BV... all three have been making the same style for at least three decades, and my grandchildren will probably be trying to decide between a 2.55, Kelly or Veneta. (or if price inflation stays the way it is - between buying a house and one of the three styles) But the less glamourous "never go out of style" just doesn't quite overcome it's base stogyness.

    Of course, the obcession will end somewhere. Talking to a friend, she follows handbag trends, but wouldn't dream of replacing her old bag with a new designer - she'd rather put the money away for a new house or her children's college education. She seems to be typical of the people I talk to - they bought mid-level designers when they had a lot of spare cash, but with age are growing more frugal. As the tweens to mid-twenty somethings start growing older, they'll no longer provide the sponge for mid-level designers to saturate. The higher designers won't have to fight as hard to differentiate themselves from the $300 bags, so while the prices won't fall, they won't rise as dramatically as they have over the past decade. Unfortunately, it will likely take another decade before things level off.

    Ok. Rant over.

    I have a Dooney AWL, and I carry it occasionally. But... I'm waiting for an extreme sale or a gift before I get a Ghurka or more AWL - I like my other bags more.
  8. I've heard of Ghurka, they were featured in the Chic Simple book series from the 1980s. Their store is located on Madison Avenue in NYC. The leathers look very supple and saturated, not dry.

    I think quality and designs are similar at
  9. Believe it or not BELK sells them. I received one as a gift and it came from there. It was too nondescript for my taste-basic black-but the quality was wonderful. They have a website to check them out. Ghurka:smile:
  10. I bought my husband two Ghurka wallets, both from Nordstrom. They look good for a few years, and then start to wear (he really overstuffs his wallet), so I replace them when the leather wears through. They are beautiful and very well contructed. There is a Ghurka boutique on Michigan Ave in Chicago, but the bags did not "speak" to me.
  11. I have this drawstring style, but it is in a british tan/whiskey color. I got it at Nordstrom's about 10 years ago. It's a great bag, but the strap is pretty long. If I could find a way to shorten it, I just might wear it! :yes:
  12. I like there stuff.