ghurka, tara boone, rafe, or bliss lau?

  1. hi everyone, i read some of the previous threads about indie designers, which is something i'd really prefer over a brand that's being worn by every other person on the street. so, i came up with these final brands i wanted to ask you experts what do you think about them? maybe Rafe isn't really independent, but i saw a canvas bag from rafe somewhere from my search and i can't find it now :s i also came across a leather bag from tara boone that looks very cracked, but i can't tell how the quality would be like. and what about the quality and style from ghurka? anyone familiar with them and care to share? thanks in advance!

  2. I've found Tara's bags to be very cute for the first few weeks - then watch out! They show wear and tear very easily and don't clean well. I've also had snaps and fasteners pop off after a few days of use. Spend your money better elsewhere.
  3. I had a Ghurka handbag and it was very well made. I just sold it because it was too stiff for me-I like a softer leather. They are quality handbags if you like the styles.:smile: