Ghost's Lv Addiction....Moooo ha haa haa..

  1. My addiction really truely started in August 2006. When I stumbled along to this site from a fellow TPF'r. Since that time (now~ October 21 2006) I have boought 7 Louis Vuitton bags and counting. This is the begining of my affair with Louis.

    Epi Vanilla Soufflot
    IMG_0683.JPG IMG_0682.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. awwwwwwwwwww...that bag looks so cute on you! congrats!
  4. love it :drool:
  5. i absolutely love that to see the rest of the collection.
  6. Only pics of the soufflot???
    There's more more more!:P
  7. Love it!
  8. your Epi Vanilla Soufflot is tdf!
  9. It is so nice.
  10. That's a beautiful bag!
  11. Okay~ I had no idea my bag showcase got approved! Thanks Vlad! I will put up more pics soon! Woooo Hoooo:yahoo:
  12. Epi Toledo Blue Petite Noe'
    IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0698.JPG
  13. Epi Mandarin Petite Bucket
    IMG_0687.JPG IMG_0699.JPG
  14. Epi Yellow Speedy 25
    IMG_0690.JPG IMG_0695.JPG
  15. lots of epi! i love it, especially the mandarin and vanilla
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