Ghost Surgeries and your rights

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  1. "To dispel worries among patients, the Fair Trade Commission announced earlier this month that it revised the standard contract for surgery to require hospitals and clinics to provide patients with detailed information on who performs operations.
    According to the revision, the names of all physicians participating in the surgery as well as their specialties should be written in the contract. When doctors other than those in the contract are to perform the operation instead, the hospital must explain to the patient or family why."

    Make sure the doctor you want performing your surgery is on the contract.
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  2. Thanks do you have a link for this? I would like to read the full ^^

    Does it mean that hospital must explain before the surgery if another doctor is used? Last sentence is confusing me :smile:
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  3. Sure. Here is the full article:
    Yes. If another doctor will be used the hospital or clinic has to disclose this and explain to the patient.
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  4. Thank you for sharing!