Ghost Rider

  1. I just saw this on the main page. Somehow it's the first I've heard of it. Does anyone else know anything about this movie?
  2. It's out on DVD already... the movie has originated from the old comic books.
  3. I just watched this last night.

    My hubby and I enjoyed it. I knew nothing about it going into it (that always seems best) and it was a very different movie. But, good...not GREAT, but enjoyable for sure!
  4. Seen it and not a big fans but it is ok, I guess
  5. Loved it! N. Cage is ao hot!
  6. ^^^I think so too! But, did you feel like the hair style took away from his looks in this movie? It almost looked to me like he'd had plastic surgery or something...don't know...something about the way they fixed his hair made him 'less hot'....darn it!
  7. I just saw this last weekend. It was entertaining enough but not great.
  8. I rented it a few weeks ago. It was alright, but not one of the best comic book adaptations I have seen.
  9. The movie was okay, the best part was when Nic Cage came out of the shower half naked :drool:
  10. saw it in theaters. bought it for my fiance's birthday. i liked it...