ghost rider

  1. was :yucky:

    i can't believe the critics gave it a c-, stay away! don't let the #1 movie thing fool you

    there was a scene where the ghost rider gives its victim a 'stare' that lets them 'feel what their victim feels'

    how did they choose to show that? when the victim looks into ghost rider's eye, what with him being on fire and all...his eye socket shows the color of orange.

    and so the whole screen becomes orange...not for a few seconds..but for a few minutes....with see through victims and wailing....while the screen was mostly orange.


    am i the only one who hated it?
  2. haha thanks for the review. the preview did not excite me..
  3. LOL..I almost saw it today..Saw Astronaut farmer instead(LOVED IT!_
  4. It got a thumbs up in my testosterone filled household-I think you have to be a pre-teen boy to like it.:p
  5. Saw it last night I didn't think it was bad.
  6. I liked it! It's a comic based on fiction. I liked that his head went on fire and I so wanted Ghostrider to prevail! It's a typical Marvel Comic story.
  7. if it was a comic book at one point, DH will MAKE me go see it!! So hopefully we will get a chance soon if we can get a sitter.

    BTW, I don't know why but I LOVE the Punisher!! I could watch that movie over and over, actually I bought it I liked it so much.

    The only comic book movie I refused to watch was Hell Boy and I still haven't seen it.
  8. Nicholas Cage just gets on my nerves when he uses his Con-Air accent. I will probably see it anyway.
  9. I thought it was great. Nothing deep, but very entertainng. And I think Nicholas Cage is a great actor.