GHOST and MATERIALME's Post-preganacy Weight loss Journal~**

  1. This thread is intended to chronical Ghost's and Materialme's weight loss post babies~:woohoo:

    We both have a set time frame of NOV.1st. By documenting our goals, it makes us more responsible and able to achieve them. Please help us along our journey to fitness:tender:

    GHOST's Stats:

    Original weight: 120 lbs
    Pregnancy Weight: 164
    Total gained: 44 lbs

    baby weighed: 7.8 lbs.
    Current weight: 136 lbs.
    Weight lost: 24 lbs
    Weight to go: 16 lbs plus additional 5 to reach ultimate goal

    My pledge: To stay close to 1000 calories a day. Walk daily for at least 40 minutes. I am not allowed to actually work-out do to surgery. Date to resume work-out's is November 2nd week.

    As soon as I can work out~ Aerobics 4 times a week supplemented by walking.
    If I could get to an ultimate weight it would be: 115 lbs. GAME ON! :boxing:
  2. Good luck!!!! My little girl is 2 years old now and I'm still trying to get those pounds off.... this summer I was soooo bad my weight crept up to 137,5 pounds eeeks. I'm back to 130 now and hope to be 118-120.
  3. :rochard:You are the greatist for doing this with me!

    Material me's Stats:

    Original weight: 110 lbs

    Pregnancy Weight: 154
    Total gained: 44 lbs (how funny, we gained the same weight)

    baby weighed: 7.9 lbs. (my kiddo was 1 oz heavier! LOL)
    Current weight: 133 lbs.
    Weight lost: 21 lbs
    Weight to go: 23 lbs plus additional 5 to reach ultimate goal 105

    My workout goal is to do abdominal, booty and leg workouts mon wed and friday. (that's where I gained the majority of my weight). I will do pilates monday and wed and a hardcore cardio workout on fridays.

    Since I don't know how to count food, (I only count the pieces I put into my mouth) I am just going to eat healthier, and less junk. (I've been bad with junk food lately).

    Whoo Hoo!! Lets get loosing!!!:yahoo:
  4. Weighed in this morning~ Another 1.5 lbs down!:woohoo:14.5 to go by Nov. 1st.

    I make sure I weigh in naked every few days first thing in the morning~ this way I have an accurate stat.

    I use to count calories. It is free and you can enter your own personal foods if you can't find them on thier site. It tracks your weight, calorie intake, exercise, nutritional balance etc.. It gives you graphs etc. It is a great source for FREE weight loss tracking.

    Keep on moving girlfriend! We can do it! Remember to get some exercise in today!:tup:

    By the way~ Since having my son I have purchased 6 pairs of shoes:wtf:
  5. keep it up ladies! :tup:
  6. Congratz on the babies and the weight loss.
  7. Thanks :tender:^^^...we are on a mission:nuts:

    I walked for 35 minutes today...:tup:
  8. Thanks guys!! I am going to do abs right now, since I did not do them yesterday! Tonight I am hittin' the treadmill.
  9. I am so down with FitDay :love:

    Go ladies! A journal will help keep you accountable. We're here to support you! :nuts:
  10. Good luck ladies, I was down a pound today:smile: I might try FitDay too.
  11. Good luck Ghost and Material me. I'm still trying to lose my baby fat!
  12. Congrats ladies on the weight loss already and the weight loss to come- and the adorable babies!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks Everybody! Determination, good food and exercise is the ONLY way to go! I will update periodically how it is all panning out..

    Goodluck to ALL who are trying to lose weight...we all need it!:tender:

    Now admission time...It is okay to have chocolate every day! I know I do and still am losing weight the healthy way:tup:
  14. Good Luck Ghost and Material Me!

    I also lost 21 pounds so far...opening up this thread has made me feel more guilty than inspired..I think I am too lazy to commit to the weight loss, but it could be that my two kids are sick and I am only getting 2 hours of sleep a night.

    I'll keep checking this thread and hopefully it will soon inspire me to make a real committment to losing the weight I want to now that I really am done being pregnant.

    Go girls!!!!!!