Ghillies in Rubis, what do u think?

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  1. Hi, I recently got an offer from one re-seller of a Ghillies Birkin in Rubis 30.

    It's a bit pricey, just want to hear ur opinion is this style worth to buy?
  2. Well, it is beautiful!
  3. I think it is a stunning piece! Does it make your heart skip a beat? If so, get it!:smile:
  4. Do you love it? Can you afford it comfortably? No offense meant. Don't buy if you are not sure about it, leave it for someone whose dream bag it is.
  5. Is it because you are afraid it'd be outdated? Personally to me, no, it won't. Compared to many years ago, today, we are so lucky that we have access to such above the level craftmanship and Hermes decides to sell such designs which would otherwise long time ago, available only made to order.
  6. its gorgeous, i would snap it up without hesitation if its from the store. However, if its from a reseller, i would need to think about twice because the profit they make from it is ridiculous
  7. I think its really beautiful and I dun think red will go outdated unlike the neons :smile:
  8. you r totally right, that's why I said it a bit " pricey", I wish I can get it from local H store, but no luck at all. :P

  9. I love the color as well, and also the texture of the leather
  10. thanks, I love it, but just want to think before I put money into this new style, and I wish it wont outdated after few years

  11. thanks, yes, the details of this bag is breath taking, I think I might get it.
  12. That is a true beauty. If you can afford it and love it then go for it. Great size, great colour and the detail is, as you have rightly said, breathtaking.
  13. Ok of course that makes perfect sense but if you love it, it doesn't matter whether it's "outdated" to others, It'll always be your love. This is a rarer version of the Birkin so buy only if it'll stand the test of time for you. Personally I would say go for it!
  14. I like it. I don't think it's still available in the store in this color. So you have to decide how much premium you will pay.
  15. There is no outdated colors for Hermes. However, Rubis in this B is so so for me.