Ghillie love!

  1. no. the 32 kelly is about the price of a 30 or 35 birkin so a couple of thousand more. $10300 or 10700? i can't remember exactly.
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    US $10,700 for the 35 Kelly, a bit more...oh well
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the black leather is still in Tadelakt. Personally, I have not encounter a Black Tadelakt before so if this is one, it'd be exciting.

    It's a mixture of leather and a special type of crinoline-ish/toile-ish texture. I have yet to know the exact name for this material at the moment. The Birkin for A/W 2012 beside the Kelly Ghillie is a combination of Crinoline.:smile:

    Etoupe/Argile Kelly Ghillie
    4032_1.jpg 4032_4.jpg 4032_5.jpg 4032_6.jpg 4032_9.jpg
  4. The gloves are mine from at least 6-8 years ago or so...this combo would make a great small Kelly :biggrin:
  5. Iffah, you are killing me. Thank you soooooooooo much for the pictures!
  6. Love Ghillie! The detailing makes it look very sweet and feminine.. Would love to see it in pink with purple.. :love::love::love:
  7. I LOVE the boots! Thanks for the great Ghillie pics!
  8. Iffah - Thanks for showing us all these photos. This color is my favorite. I wonder if my store will consider this as an SO or just a podium order:

  9. Thanks for the pic, IFFAH. This is cool...!!! I tot black ghillie will not be as obvious... Didn't expect H come up with this twist! Love it. Now I have second tots :smile:

    Btw, is H coming up with a black club birkin for FW12?
  10. In my local store is a podium order.

    Cheers, MrsRance
  11. :flowers: dharma & chkpfbeliever. Argile/Etoupe is a favourite combination of mine too.:heart:

    You are right. This time with a twist in Crinoline form. Not related to thread, for reference.:smile:
  12. Thank you, apey_grapey. Grain d'H for the body.
  13. The colouring of the Argile/etoupe looks very different between the birkin/kelly. I do hope it's more like the kelly!!!!

    I was told the middle part of the black ghillie is like embossed Hs similar the previous H pattern on toile but a lot smaller.
  14. Wow... Thanks, dear :smile: This Crinoline form / pattern is growing on me!
  15. I'm a sucker for ghillie pattern. This thread is killing me. I guess there is no way for me to obtain one as all should have already been reserved for VIPs.....or resellers.