ghetto ebayer harasses me!

  1. i had a bag up on ebay for sale and i'm taking offers on it. now i always respond with this answer if i get a ridiculous offer, "sorry but this isn't a fake bag."

    i mean really, if a bag retails for close to 2K, a 500 dollar offer is pretty ridiculous. also the price i listed it was pretty close to retail so you would think people wouldn't even bother sending offers for 500.

    so anyway, she replied to my message with this,

    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]the fact that the bag is fake never crossed my mind, i am well aware that the bag looks real, it said make an offer, so that was my best offer, didn't need your attitude though....thanks anyway"

    which is fine, but i tell her look, my auction clearly states no ridiculous offers please.

    and she writes me back,

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]it's ridiculous that you have to sell a bag on ebay just to make some whatever have a nice day lady"

    and i reply, it's people like you who buy fakes. if you want something authentic be prepared to pay the price.

    and it goes back and forth to this,

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]keep yo crap ass bag hope you pay your morgage with the money you get from it....holla
    P.S. Don't send me no more messages

    i tell her, my mortgage is already paid for!

    she tells me, "
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]so what you rich B go to hell...."

    and i say, gladly if it is away from you!!!!!!!!!!!


    by this point i flag her for harassing me so i never heard back from her after that...

    i love the ghettoness ebay brings out in people, don't you?

    except now i think i have made an enemy on ebay which would explain why my auctions get taken down.... for trademark infringment!


    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana] [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana] [/FONT]
  2. Why even entertain her fayden???
  3. Ebay is just so ghetto and nuts at this point. They know nothing about what's authentic and you can't even dispute their word, or find out who flagged you, so everyone can stay safely anonymous, even if they have a grudge.
  4. oh fayden I knew there had to be some ghetto in you! hehehe!
  5. yeah, it's an amusing story and it's incredible how rude and vulgar people can be, but I think I would have just ignored her silly $500 offer and not even bothered to email her. Or if I had, it would've been just the one time and then I would've just ignored her attempts to get all ghetto on me. Why waste your time with angry people like that?
  6. Another reason why I hate ebay. They take your auction down, your bag is real, they leave all the fake bags I report up for auction.
  7. just to clarify this story, it is just for laughs, i don't regret anything i've written to her.
  8. ^ I don't expect you to regret it, she was cleary out of line, just why entertain her, she clearly has issues!
  9. Ebay sucks...
  10. "keep yo crap ass bag hope you pay your morgage with the money you get from it....holla"

    Yep, Ebay really sucks. I'm sorry Fayden, but I did have to laugh at the above. I can almost see the "talk to the hand" action going just before she typed it. BTW I have NO ghetto in me whatsoever so what does "Holla" mean?
  11. It is just something you will have to deal with when you set up your auction to accept best offers. Most buyers think ebay is a online yardsale & they are looking for the deal of a lifetime. So they will usually offer the most they can afford with hopes a seller will let it go & they will walk away with a steal. :nuts:

    As a seller I see your point of making a comment when you decline. (Been there done that.) To a buyer it comes off kind of rude & I would be offended. ( no offense)

    I always add "only reasonable offers please" but I still will get the idiot offers. You just have to ignore them because if she is willing to go back & forth with you on a item she has no intention of buying she will most likely harass you in other ways.... reporting your auctions.
    In my experience selling on ebay (5yrs) it saves alot of time, energy & frustration just to ignore the idiots. Decline, deleat & keep selling! Don't entertain the idiots.;)
  12. :lol:

    If there's the time, I'd do the same thing. It has entertained us more than it did her. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. The way she used "holla" meant, see you later, later, that's a rap or this converstion is done.
  14. What's wrong with a lowball bid? Sometimes people take them. There's no need to be rude to others. You can always decline politely.
  15. was this on your lilac epi? I was watching it for a while.