ghd vs CHI vs T3

  1. okay, so i am kind of stuck.... i need a new straightener and i am trying to decide between these three brands. ive only used a chi on my hair. which does amazing. but, ghd and T3 also seem to be really good brands. does anyone know what the max temperature ghd and t3 can go to?

    also, can i use a wet to dry iron on hair that is initially dry? or should i buy a regular iron for that? thanks
  2. I would like to know as well, i tired of getting my hair done at the salons
  3. I have the GHD and can say that it was worth the $240 I spent on it.

    There's a lot of threads to read, that's how I decided on the GHD.

    Good luck!
  4. i've used the chi before and it did nothing but killed my hair. after every time i straighten my hair it would feel so dead and looked awful. then i bought the GHD and it does wonders, worth the price. now my hair is sleek and shiny :tup:
  5. The ladies of TPF love the GHD. I don't think you'll see many people recommending the T3.
  6. Ghd!!!
  7. So, the question is. . . which ghd to get? The new one or the original one? There's a big price difference, so I'm not sure which to get tomorrow!! Help!
  8. I'm deciding too... I prefer the new one, but anyone know whether Sephora still has it in pink? Someone recommends getting it from Is it a reputable place to purchase it? How is the return policy? I've never done much online shopping before and definitely have yet to buy anything from there so far.
  9. My first flat iron was a Chi and it was starting to fry my hair. So I laid off for about 6 months and then purchased a T3 and have been a really, really happy girl since. I got mine from Nordstrom (an you know with Nordstrom you can return it 5 years from now without any questions). The T3 blowdryer - ROCKS:yahoo:. It's so quiet, but leaves my hair soft, straight and no frizz.

    Folica is a great place to purchase appliances, they are an authorized seller of T3, Chi, Ghd and others, the return policy is 30 days within receipt of merchandise.
  10. I love the GHD. I got it at folica for $240, but it was worth the price. It only takes less than 10 seconds to heat up and the results last until I wash my hair.

    Just think of it like this: If you are willing to spend $100's or $1000's on purses/bags, why not $240. Your hair is more important and deserves the best quality iron.
  11. Look here for my comparisons, I never used the T3, but I used the ghd, Chi and the Hai and there is a complete difference. T3 does not come nearly as recommended as the ghd. It's the most amazing hair iron. I haven't had a trim in nearly 3 months and I don't have ONE split end. Honestly, honestly, if you can rationalize spending however much on a bag, $240 for a hair iron is a negotiable expense for amazing hair. You don't want your hair falling out and Chi made my hair fall out...
  12. If I were you I would not get a CHI because they are really bad for your hair. They burn your ends and end up splitting them really badly.
  13. I had a CHI and it broke after only having it 6 months. I heard this is pretty common.
  14. You can see my comparison pics with the CHI and the GHD in that thread as well. The CHI cannot and WILL NOT do as good a job as the GHD. I stopped using my CHI after a few months because it was making my hair look so terrible and nasty and fried. I tried a new salon, which uses GHD products, and I've been sold ever since.
  15. so, i decided that i did want a new straightener, but i didnt get any of the brands i mentioned earlier.... i actually got a Bed Head. granted it was only like 75 dollars, but i used it today and it is reallly good. it actually made my hair feel better than when i was using a CHI. which is kind of weird, dont you think? anyways... bed head is really good.