GHD styler: Before and After

  1. Before: PIN STRAIGHT and boring


    After: Lots and lots of curls and volume


    The styler that I have is the pink one. I highly recommend it to you ladies. I've got my friend hooked on it too and she went out and bought one today.
  2. Beautiful :tup:
  3. It looks fabulous!
    May I ask how long it took you to curl your hair?
  4. It actually took just 5-7 minutes since the iron heats up so well. You only have to go over each section once.
  5. Also want to add that I didn't have to use any hairspray and the curls held all day long. Usually, my hair is pretty heavy so it can't hold any style. I've even slept on the curls and it still looks fine.
  6. You look fabulous. I still can't do it.
  7. I like your hair both ways!
  8. i have the ghd too and love it. care to share your curling technique?
  9. I have tried and tried to get this look but it wont work for me either (and my hair is generally easy to curl and holds pretty well) :shrugs:
  10. wow, looking great! Love your bag too, BTW.
  11. Did you ladies watch this video at Sephora yet?
    That's where I learned the technique.

    It's hard to explain in words but I'll try.
    1) Pull out a 1 inch section of hair.
    2) Clamp down the GHD at the root of your hair and wind the GHD around 360 degrees.
    3) Hold this position (with the twist) and pull straight down to the ends.

    If you pull straight down, you get more a tight spiral curl. If you pull down the styler at a tilted angle, you get a softer curl.

    I'm so bad at explaining.
  12. GHD just introduced IV! I'm buying them, they're supposed to be so much better than the old ones, the ones i have anyways! I'm glad you like them and your hair looks awesome!
  13. I so getting a GHD!!! You look great -- but the before is a nice look too definitely not boring!! Love the brown dress too.:heart:
  14. I have to have one of these ... thanks!!
  15. So is it a curling iron, hair rollers, what?

    Your hair looks great, BTW! :smile: