GHD question

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  1. I usually skip over the GHD posts, but a new friend was telling me yesterday that she can dry and straighten her hair at the same time with a GHD iron. Her hair was super straight... even straighter than mine after a blow out and session with the Chi iron.

    Can someone explain the GHD basics? I've seen several posts on models, but I'm not sure what it all means. Can I really straighten my hair while I dry it?

  2. Unless they came out with a new version that dries hair, I don't think that you can use the GHD styler on wet hair. I think that it would damage the plates. The DVD says to dry your hair first and then use the straightener. I've used it on my hair when it was still slightly damp after drying and it steamed up so much because the heat is so high. Now I only use it when my hair is completely dry.
  3. ^^yes, it's not a combo.