GHD Paranoid?

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  1. Alright so a few days ago I just received my first GHD yay. When I first used it, I was aware that when it was heated to it's temperature the LCD would blink and beep, but I didn't know it would be continuing to blink throughout the whole time I was straightening my hair, this is normal right? And another little thing that's been bugging me so much, I know it's really not a big deal but I still wanna make sure, erm, so after I got done straightening I accidently forgot to cool it and made the hot plates touch each other, and now there's this faint scratchy mark lines across both the plates, you can't see it unless the light's reflection hits it. But yeah it's irritating me, I just need someone to tell me that I didn't mess up the plates or anything. AND one last thing, I always use a head protector before straightening, and well I use the method where I section out my hair, and spray each section one by one when I get to straightening that part which now I don't think is a good idea since after I spray and straighten, it makes a sizzling noise which makes me think I'm frying my hair, so is that normal? Is the sizzling noise a sign that it's just burning off the product and not my hair? Thanks for reading through all that which probably makes me seem like a total freak now...:]
  2. Ghds are supposed to blink rapidly, mine does that too. It blinks the whole time its on, and it makes that little noise when it's ready to use. Also if the temperature in the room is too low, it won't turn on. I'm not sure about the plate with the scratches, but i'm sure it's no big deal as long as you got an authentic one you can continue using it. And I heard that Ghds are also supposed to have alot of steam when you straighten. But it is best to leave in the heat protectant spray for awhile before straightening, because when you straighten damp/wet hair, it will damage your hair. But the sizzling would be normal if you just put on the heat protectant, try not to do that b/c you are burning your hair. Wait about 15 mins at least prior to straightening.
  3. maybe you're using too much heat protector spray. when my stylist straightens my hair she will spray section by section but she sprays it from far away so that it's a fine light mist that reaches my hair. i don't think it should make your hair damp to where it sizzles when you use the iron on it.
  4. If you spray your hair right before you straighten a section, the sizzle and steam is only evaporation of the hair product. Did you watch the DVD that came with it? They said, "Any steam you see is only evaporation of the hair product" about 80 times and now it's stuck in my brain. When I straighten I hear the woman's voice saying that in my head. :P