GHD -- ok to buy thru ebay?

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  1. they have some cheaper ones on ebay, just wondering if they're ok to buy......
    (I know I'm being cheap! hehehe).

    also, it seems that the 1 inch iron is the one most people have. i'm mainly going to use this to do big waves on my SUPER STRAIGHT, FINE, LIMP, FLAT, and BORING hair! is the 1 inch iron going to achieve this look? im afraid that it might look like 1 inch curls all over instead of loose waves.....which is the look i'm trying to go for. sorry so many questions. i desperately need to do something with my disastrous hair! thanks!!
  2. I got mine on eBay! :smile:

    You need to be careful though! There are definitely a lot of fakes out there! The ones on eBay US have starting bids of less that $100 and the buy-it-now price are about $170. I think that's way too cheap!!! There are a few articles on ebay UK that talk about how to determine if yours in genuine.

    Also, note that in order to get warranty from GHD you need to have the receipt from a registered seller!

    I bought mine from an Australian ebay seller who is also a salon owner so I got store receipt with my purchase.

    To register for warranty, you need to go to the ghd website and enter in your model number and date code. They'll also ask where you bought the straightener from. The website doesn't work at the moment! The other way register your straightener for warranty is to fill out the warranty card that comes with your GHD and send it to GHD. Again you need the receipt!

    Hope that helps. Do becareful. If you're in the US, that sephora deal on at the moment sounds pretty good.
  3. Sephora deal!? May I ask what you are referring to? :yes:
  4. The 20% off everything for family and friends offer. It's been talked about in this subforum and also in the deals subforum. I believe the discount code is "ff2007" or something like that. Might be worth checking the actual threads. :yes:
  5. ^Yup that's the coupon code. I would rather get it through Sephora with the 20% discount, because then you can always easily return it. eBay sellers can be sketchy sometimes, and a lot of them don't accept returns.
  6. ^ Yeah. You do need to be careful when buying on ebay. Can't believe they would want to fake something like a hair straightener.

    With all ebay purchases, you need to research the seller well. It took me weeks of looking at ebay auctions before I commited. And I finally chose a seller because they provide receipts from a hair salon which I used to confirm with GHD that the salon is an approved reseller. I opted for ebay because we don't get offers like the one sephora is offering here in Australia!

    My local salon was advertising that they were having a sale on GHDs! The sale price was AUD$295! The actual retail price is $299. A $4 saving! Whoopeedoo!
  7. leanbeanne.....thanks so much and also to missisa07!
    i am not aware that they even fake these irons?! but i only asked to mey make sure because the prices sound inviting! since i'm in doubt, ill just get it thru sephora since they do have that 20% discount going on right now! thanks again!!
  8. Oh wow! I have never really spent much time in the beauty section of tpf. In fact, last night was my first two posts in this section. Im really stoked to hear about the Sephora discount code, and even more stoked that there are so many friendly and helpful ladies in here!
  9. Gung, lots of friendly people here! ;) Glad to have helped!
  10. GHD is great - you will never regret buying one. Apparently there are loads of fakes out there. When I bought mine from a salon it came with as much paper work as a handbag!! Like bags, they come with authenticity papers etc so you can be certain you are getting the real deal. Let us know if you buy one!
  11. I bought mine on eBay-it was the cheapest real one at $169 plus $15 shipping or so.
  12. coco yeah ill definitely let u guys kknow if i buy one .....hopefully it works out for me if i do =)

    lizavet8.....thats good that you were able to get authentic ghd thru ebay. im way too ignorant about it that id have to get it thru sephora to make sure i get an authentic one. hehehe.
  13. I've been burned too many times-now I know better and I'm really careful! And yes, the ghd is really, really worth it.

  14. gung....we're in the same boat! ive always hung out at the purse threads and have never checked this one out, but the past few days, i've been hanging out here! lots of good information! i never really wear anything but lipstick and eyeliner, but now, after frequenting this thread, i think im ready to move on to the shadows, blush, etc hehehehe

    yes these ladies are so helpful. :yes: