GHD Hair Straightener

  1. Does anyone own one? I have heard it is absolutely fantastic. Expensive but fantastic!!! What is your opinion?
  2. I have a pair of GHD they heat up super quick and they do work really well but my hubby brought them me in a leather case with the shampoos etc (i don't think i would pay the money otherwise i think they are slightly overpriced)
  3. i have one and i love it. It does heat up really fast which is convenient. Generally (depending on your hair) you only need to go over each section once to get it straight, i have used quite a few variously priced hair straighteners in the past and usually had to go over each bit a couple of times, so it gets the job done fast. I am in Australia and ordered mine off the net from the UK, so you get back the VAT and i had a discount code so it turned out to be nearly half the retail it would have been in Australia.
  4. Hi, I also love my GHD but I just can't get the hang of the GHD for curling!! My hairdresser does it a treat, but it dosn't matter how many times I get a demo, it just doesn't happen.
    I looked at the old fashioned hot rollers today!
  5. hehe i cant quite figure it out either. Once i managed to curl one side nicely, but the other side turned out a mess. I have given up and just use a curling iron, i dont curl it very often. Aparantly the new GHDs are more 'curved' or something to make curling easier.

  6. Ooh! Can you share the website? And the code? :nuts:
  7. i got it from I brought mine over a year ago so the price may be different, but after the discounts turned out to be around 170$AUD (including shipping). I found out about it and the code from the vogue forums, i am trying to find out the new code now..
    Edit: the most recent code i could find is "ISHALL", it is from march so im not sure if it is still current
  8. Totally worth it i have the some pink ones and black ones (there's no difference i just liked the pink ones), they are fab! everyone i know uses them and swears by them, i havn't ever heard a bad word against them!
  9. ITA, it is worth the money! It heats up really quickly which is nice for those of us who don't have much time in the morning. It's great for curling your hair too!
  10. I think that's the one on youtube that straightens or curls hair even with a twisting technique, sounds great.
  11. i've had mine for about 5 years now and I swear by them! they are fantastic, although i agree with the others about curling with them, it does take a while to get the hang of it!
  12. ive had mine for years i LOVE ghd... straigthens in a second// i got it in a pack offer they do at xmas time and it comes with all these products plus a heat resistant mat.. i love love love GHD
  13. Best hair straightners ever. I've never met anyone whose had a complaint with them either.
  14. Yeah it takes some time to master the curling method, but once you get the hang of it, it's more fun and easier than using a curling iron.
  15. Thank you!