GHD confusion

  1. So, it's definitely time for me to invest in a good straightening product and since everybody seems to love GHD items I think that will be my choice as well. :nuts:

    I just looked around a bit but there seem to be quite a few different ones out there :confused1: So which one do I pick? My hair is super thick, btw :yucky:

    Also, are GHD irons faked? :shrugs:
  2. I have VERY thick, naturally curly hair and I have the wide GHD's (not sure of the exact model name or number). I'm not aware that they are faked, but who knows! As long as you buy from a reputable seller/shop you should be ok :tup:
  3. they very well might be faked, but they do make 3 or 4 different models. check their official website.
  4. The new ghd styler , that's the official name I believe, is the newest model. It's supposed to be the best for curling your hair. It straightens perfectly too of course, but the barrels are more rounded and makes for a better, lasting longer curl. It really works too.

    I have thick curly hair too, so I usually straighten in super small sections. Maybe I'll invest in one of the larger ones. Rachael25, can you curl with the wide ones too?
  5. I've never tried curling with the wider plates. Personally I don't think it'd be that easy, but I'm not the most skilled person with straightners!
  6. I've never used GHD but I have babyliss Themaglass straigtheners they are supposed to be even better than ceramic plates and they do straigthen my hair really well hairdressers ssay my hair is thin but I have a ton of it

  7. Is that the MK 4 or whatever that is called? the one that also comes in hotpink now? :confused1:

    Claire, what's your Babyliss straightener called? I just searched for Thermaglass but didn't find anything
  8. ^^Are you in the UK? Looks like they call/sell it by a different name there. The mk4 styler. That is the same one (by different name) I was referring to. Also comes in pink.
  9. GHDs are called GHD's in the UK...not sure about what the mk4 styler is?
    Also get the wide ones if you have thick hair, apparently it straightens a lot easier than the regular ones! :smile:

  10. I'm in Germany (and trying to find a good site to order it from for a rather decent price :sweatdrop: the german sites I found them on were all quite a bit more expensive than the UK ones so far)

    I looked at their website and it's called something like GHD IV or so on there, on other sites I've read GHD MK4 :shrugs: lol, I guess it all refers to the same thing though as the pictures were the same

    VenetiaWanter, that would be the 2inch one, right? I think it's called Salon Styler.