Ghd Authenthency

  1. My friend gave me as a birthday gift a GHD i dont know if it's authenthic or not
    I want to know from the people that do have the ghd if the booklet comes with a plastic paper or just the instructions by itself?
    And the dvd does it come with a plastic case?
    Also when you guys put it on the ghdhair to register does it say registration failure and thanks for registering your authenthic styler with us?
  2. there is a guide on eBay uk about telling the difference between fake and real ghd irons. maybe you ought to compare the one you have to the pictures on the guide. ask your friend where she bought it!
  3. I've just answered your pm. But yes I also encountered a problem when trying to register my ghd so I called them. They said they are in the process of upgrading their registration, and so that's one reason why you're getting the error. You should call them. By providing them with the date code and model number, both can be found on the iron next to hologram, they should have a fairly good idea if it's genuine.

    They were able to tell me mine is genuine, and that to register for warranty, I should send in the registration card which came with the ghd. You also need a recepit for this!
  4. A fake GHD iron doe not have the reset button on the plug,( square black plug with 1 red & yellow reset button)
    I guarratee you that information!
    We have a real GHD rep come to our salon and informed us about all the fake one out there on eBay & in the back of the dvd said DVD-R ,cheap plastic casing !