GHD $195 or $240?

  1. Hi All! Since reading all of you rave about your GHD experiences, I am going to get one. BUT--what is the difference between the two? I read the descriptions on,and it appears that the iron for $195 does not have a fire retardant casing??? Am I missing something here??? Is the $195 one going to go up in flames??? I'm seriously confused and don't know which one to get. TIA!
  2. i don't know about the casings, but the newer one is more cylindrical, meaning it's easier to curl your hair with it. it also has a 30-minute automatic shutoff, and i think that there are a few small differences in how it heats up. my hairstylist uses the $240 and that's the one i got, but i think the $195 one should give you good results as well.
  3. The $240 is the one I have, too. I just thought to myself, "Hey Amanda, you are buying a $200 iron, if I'm making that commitment to an iron, let me get the newer, better one." And the $240 one is universal voltage which is a big plus.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll probably get the $240 one since that is the one that everyone has been raving about.
  5. i got the $195 on and its perfect...i mostly straighten but i have tried curling and it works great! with the sephors f&f and tax it was $163.
  6. I got the $240 with the Sephora 20% HOLLAA!!!
  7. :woohoo: another GHD convert!!!
  8. i lvoe the ghd ive had mine at least 4yrs and its great.
  9. I've got the newer one, MK4? Which I assume is the same as the one with the $240 price tag?

    The universal voltage is a real bonus! Great for traveling.
  10. $240??.... it's $280 in Toronto!! :sad:
  11. It's AUD$299 in Australia! :push: That's about USD$270.
  12. well you know I figured hell if I'm gonna go into triple digits on a flatiron I might as well get the $240 one instead of the $195. I like the auto hibernate/shutoff in the newer version...
  13. the ghd mk4 is the one for $240 and i like the dual voltage and rounded casing better than the $195 (mk3) version... it also comes in pink! they have the black one at sephora and the black one and the pink one at stylebell. stylebell has a free thermal protectant and free shipping, and sephora has free shipping - either way, i like ghd way better than chi. it's worth the money if it straightens your hair faster and safer, plus the thermal protectant will keep your hair protected. good luck!
  14. I like the MK4 in fuchsia pink! It is so freakin' cute. Me is gonna get it tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Woo hoooo..