Ghall's Confessions of a (outlet, bonanzle,& ebay) Shopahalic...

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  1. I suppose it's time to keep just one of these and keep adding to it instead of a million new thread of reveals huh?
    Who am I kidding- I can't be on ban.. well.. I can until the next 20% off! :P
    I have gotten a few things over the last 2 weeks... and I will be getting a few more things in the next couple of days that I'll add.:yahoo:
    It's late, so I'm pretty sure no one's around... So I'll just post pics as they upload....
  2. I'm up and watching tennis in Cali and off tomorrow, so come on with it! OT yours kids are so cute!!!
  3. ^^^ Thanks so much :smile:
  4. okay.. Here goes..
    starting with the small stuff

    Here are all of the Fobs i aquired this month.. all from ebay- EXCEPT the piggy. i got that at FP when they first came out a few years ago.. but it's cute :smile:
    I'm from the year of the pig. and the I and D are 2 of my kids initials.. I already have my G and my daughter's M...
  5. Here are the pony scarves I've gotten this month.
    the top two are from the outlet and the legacy one is from ebay.
    I'm so obsessed with these things. I use them on my bags now, but I can't wait to have long hair again to use them for my pony tails!
  6. got this cute white leather belt w/ silver grommets on the bay for $40.
  7. this gorgeous teal vintage hamptons wristlet (it's really big!) was NWT on bonanzle for $60

  8. i've always loved plaid things!!! I scored this adorable tartan poppy wristlet today for $23 after all discounts!
    it's soo cute! i keep all my germ-x wipes in it :smile:
  9. #9 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I had this in XL Grey w/ chain.. and as beautiful as it was, it was way too big.. even for a mom of 3 that carries EVERYTHING!!!
    i almost did an exchange for this bag- but decided to wait..
    i was in line to pay today- when i saw a customer put this back on the shelf, so i got out of line and snatched it up!
    she's so perfect and sparkely!!!

    mahogany garnet w/ brass hardware!

    her stuffed insides

    she was $350-50%-20%!!! i believe she came out to $143???
    great price considering i got my mom's for her a few weeks ago for $185 before tax!
  10. and here is a bag i was never interested in.. and even after i bought her today. i had second thoughts.. but i got home.. and put everything in her... and discovered she is what i've been looking for!
    a cute black tote that fits EVERYTHING i need and has room to spare!
    she was $298-30%-20%

    Poppy Black Patent Glam tote w/ silver hardware!!
    she's got my black silk ocelet scarf on her!

    stuffed! i'm using her tomorrow... pretty green lining!

    guts on the outside!!!

    she fits ALL of this and still has room for more!
  11. stay tuned! more to come in the next day or two!
    plus if things go as planned and i get the 2 bags i want, updated collection pics!
  12. i forgot this too!
    textured amethyst trigger snap fob
  13. Wow, you have been a busy lady...first up I love the fobs and charms, I'm a rabbit and I also collect the initials of DD, DS and DH. I scarfs are so pretty you know I just started buying the ponytails end of last year to wear in my hair on those hot summer hairs in Cali. I especially love the valentini style heart one but they are all cute!

    I have the teal wristlet in the gray and it has been one of my fabs I carry it back and forth for work in my tote bag it is really large and the leather is sturdy on it.

    That garnet is just a beauty, Coach makes the best color brown handbags they always just looks so rich and lush. Now that Poppy glam is gorgeous! I am looking to get one in the black also it I can find one or the Evie large in black/gold combo. the scarf makes the bag look extra special. All I can say is SCORE!!!! all of the great buys. :smile:
  14. I love purple and the trigger snap is so cool looking in the metalic.
  15. thanks for staying up for my reveal SittinInCoach!
    have a good night!
    i gotta get in some sleep before my human alarm clocks get me up in 6 hours! LOL!
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