GH Zipper Pull Question

  1. Hey guys...

    I've just received my Cafe PT GH from Diabro today... :yahoo:... it's gorgeous! but I have a problem... the zipper pull on the interior zipper pocket... it's a TINY bit SMALLER than the other zipper pulls... is this normal? :confused1:

    also the interior pocket, on the top its got this leather strip (the same color)... is this also normal...

    although I know that Diabro is supposed to be a legit site... I just wana reassure myself!

    I dont have my camera back yet, so I cant post any pics til later in the week!

    also a BIG THANK YOU to Cracker (a big sorry as well cracker!), asl_bebes, Fiatflux, and Jag for their help in this hard decision on the color for my first PT!
  2. hmmm... I guess no one can help me out here? :confused1:
  3. I think both are normal, but I don't own a bag with GH. From what I have seen of the bags I think the leather strip and the smaller zipper pull are normal. Your thread looked so lonely, I wanted to let you know someone heard ya! It might just be the time you put up your post, and I am sure later today one of the GH owners here will help you. If you could call Bal/NY and ask them.
    OT...I guess you are a LOTR fan? My daughters and I are huge fans. My license plate reads WE:heart:LOTR, and we went to the Two Towers premiere in LA, met all the guys, and got authographs and pictures. My youngest got asked a few questions on camera at the premiere by Newline Cinema that they said would be on one of the DVD's Appendice, which it wasn't. But we were shocked while watching a movie in 2005 called The Ringers Lord of the Fans when she popped up in the movie!!! We were going nuts! And her name is in the credits! Wow, I hope after saying all this I am not wrong about you being a LOTR fan!
  4. Hi Addicted Ali, I don't have a GH bag, so I can't confirm if this is normal. However, I've just received a RH Work from Diabro on Monday and it's the real thing. I don't think you need to worry about authenticity. Enjoy your bag!
  5. hi Deana and Helen! thanks for your replies! yea, maybe just the timing that no one replies... after all, I do live in a country which sees the first ray of light of every day!

    yes Deana! I'm definitely a LOTR fan! I live in the country where it was filmed! and the studio is just 10 mins drive from my house! and Peter Jackson is a few doors down! :yahoo:hehe! LOTR rocks! :tup:... looks like we not only share love of B-bags!

    when the PJ and the crew came back from the oscars... they had this ceremony at the local queens wharf events centre and displayed all the oscars! and we got to hold it and took photos! they are DANG HEAVY those oscars! really wanted to grab and run! :graucho:

    anyways! thanks for replies! hopefully someone else can help me out here...
  6. Congrats on your new bag! I'm glad I could help you make a decision on the color.......believe me, I know how it is trying to choose the right color. I've gone through a lot of bags. I hope you're happy with your choice!

    As for the zipper pull, yes the interior pocket pull is smaller than the exterior pulls. HTH!

    Enjoy it and can't wait to see pics!
  7. thanks cracker! I'm so relieved :sweatdrop: that you replied! I have to say sorry again though! for all the trouble I've put you through! but hope you understand!

    yup will definitely post the pics when I get my camera back! now I'm gona RIP that diabro tag off and use the bag tomorrow! :yahoo: btw, I'm soooo glad I got the cafe! it's just THE BEST! I'm sooo happy with the color! exactly what i wanted it to be! in fact, I couldnt sleep last night after I saw that the bag was cleared through customs and I knew I was gona get it today!
  8. Just another affirmative here. My Giant Tomato Day's interior zipper pull is smaller than exterior...and it's from NM in NJ (meaning authentic for sure.) You're all set! Have fun with it!!
  9. thanks maggien!!!!
  10. Congrats addicted! Your cafe part time sounds yummy ... can't wait to see pics! Everything sounds OK on your bag ... I'm sure it's perfect and gorgeous!
  11. no worries with diabro...totally legit site with only authentic bags! How is she working out?