GH work handle drop? Pics on shoulder please?

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  1. How easily does the GH work fit over the shoulder? Anyone know the drop? Even better, post some pics please, all different arm sizes welcome!!! TIA.

    (I'm sure once the ref. library is better organized, this would be a simpler task, but right now, I know these photos are scattered all over the place, and there's no way to efficiently search them out.)
  2. Very easily. The handles are a bit longer than the RH handles.

    Here's anthracite gh on my arm:


    and on my shoulder

  3. The GH Work is one of my favorites! What colors are you considering?
  4. Oooooh Crackie, I just LOVE how b-bags go with your style. And I LOVE that bag!!!!
  5. considering anthra and sandstone. but cracker, can you measure the drop for me - my arms are not as thin as yours!!!
  6. Sure! I'll post them in a bit.
  7. Okay, I'm back. My bum has been sitting in front of the computer all day..........I needed to get some exercise, lol. There's a 8-9 inch drop. And remember the handles will stretch. You can put some weight in the bag and hang it to get them to stretch a bit. HTH! Have fun choosing.......both colors are gorgeous!
  8. Thanks Glimmer! We love our GH, don't we!:heart:
  9. Cracker, you have to be sitting in front of your computer nonstop! You are working furiously, aren't you? Thanks so much. I know that you and several others are working overtime here. It is much appreciated. Love your giant work! It is lovely! I just ordered one in anthracite, and I can't wait until it arrives. :smile: Sorry, off topic, but wanted to comment on Cracker's work ethic here. And I do love the giant work!!!
  10. 8-9 inches????? really?????? that's awesome!!!!!
  11. Oh I love the GH Work! Such a keeper. She's a perfect size for you Cracker...Buy my arms aren't as slim as your's either. I have to squeeze my Works onto my shoulder and then I feel bad like I am causing some damage or something, so I just carry on my forearm now...
  12. Yeah, in that pic, it's not measuring 8 in. because the zipper part is pushed up. But if that's drooping down, it's more space for your arm. I measured from where the straps actually attach to the bag.
  13. I tried one several weeks ago - it didn't seem like that much. But if it was, I'd be fine!
  14. Congrats on your anthra, you're going to love the leather and it's beautiful with GH...........really a great combo! I'm done with the charts :yahoo: now I can't wait to see the final result when all the pieces are put together. Jag's been working really hard. The color and style pages are going to be a great reference.
  15. oh, cracker, that's technically not the drop. Can you measure straight up from the center top of the bag (when flat) to the top arch of the handles? thanks so much.