GH vs RH, Bright Color vs. Neutral - My Head Hurts! Help me choose.


What hardware and color should I choose?

  1. Black City - Regular Hardware

  2. Ink/Anthracite City - Regular Hardware

  3. Aquamarine City - Giant Hardware

  4. Sometime entirely different - here's my color suggestion!

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  1. Hi ladies. So I resolved to buy a regular hardware black City a couple of days ago. It seemed pretty set. But then:

    1) I saw the Giant Hardware and it made me tilt my head to the right. Hmmm. Pretty.
    2) Then I saw the Ink & Anthracite color and that made me question my color choice.
    3) Then I saw the Aquamarine GH and now I have no clue what kind of hardware or what color City I want!:shrugs:

    I went from being 99% sure to being 49% sure. I need your help in choosing! If you can give me your pros/cons I'd appreciate it! Also, I'd like a bag I can wear with lots and lots of clothes. My wardrobe is pretty varied. I live in Miami so I wear lots of colors and neutrals as well.

    Thank you!!!:nuts:
  2. It's summer, you're in Miami so I'd go for the Aqua GH. If you want something more versatile though, maybe a White GH City or Anthracite GH. I have the Anthra GH and it's very versatile. I think it can be an all year round bag. I just realized I listed 3 bags.......I'm no help.
  3. I live in the south, too, where lots of color isn't questioned. A neutral choice for summer, given climate, etc. would be white bag with giant gold hardware. That was where I started in experimenting with GH. Now, of course, white could even be a year round bag, but I still have a hard time with that for me.

    If you aren't into white, then I would say aquamarine with gold GH would be a great choice as a colorful neutral.
  4. I would get black GH because black goes with almost anything and can be used all year long!
  5. Miami, scratch the black and ink. You can get black anytime. I would go with aqua City regular hardware unless you really love the GH. It makes the City really heavy and it's 400. more for the GH. You could almost have a matching wallet with that extra 400. plus I love the tassels.
    I'm also a huge fan of the white City. Natural and sandstone are great year round colors for South FL and they both go with almost everything. Aqua is a great color and very easy to wear. It matches or blends with most jeans and looks great with white.
    I'm bored with my ink and I don't carry it at in the summer. Get what you love, that's always what matters. :yes:
  6. You live in Miami which is probably summer/spring season all year long, so I say go with the bright vibrant color...Aqua GH gets my vote!:yes: But, if you really want neutral, then consider the sandstone or natural GH.
  7. vote for INK/Anthracite and it's easier to match with your clothing all yr long....usually, i prefer something really classic besides black as u can always get the black again since it's a forever no worries.......:smile:
  8. I voted for Ink/Anthracite because I love both of the colors and I just got my AnthraCity. If you were going to get Black City to begin with, I think you should go for either Ink/Anthracite because they're great alternatives for black.

    Because you live in Miami, I think you should go with dark colors as opposed to bright colors to be different from everyone else. I recently moved to Sydney, where the climate is semi-tropical and people were a ton of colors, and find myself more drawn to dark colors.

    When I'm in NY(where I'm from), I tend to wear lots of fun colors to drive away from the entire " NYC = Black" thing. But that's just me. I like sticking out like a sore thumb, I like being different from everyone else:cool:

    You should get whatever you love THE MOST.
  9. I would say Aqua GH!! That color looks fantastic with the GH - check it out on the thread with all pics of GH bags! I think it is one of THE most beautiful combos. Yes, black city RH is practical; i have one myself. But, it is NOT as standout as the aqua GH!! Go for it girl!!
  10. The white with GH is really gorgeous! That would be my pick. But then again, you can never go wrong with a classic black city:smile:
  11. I would recommend the black or white regular hardware City. I am a tall girl (5'7") and found the GH even for someone large as me was too much... my humble opinion...