GH Sandstone Hobo?? Incoralblue-Type Info Needed Please haha!

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  1. Hi ladies ...
    I am looking to get myself a GH sandstone hobo .. love the gold hardware against the sandstone color and the shape is just TDF!!!
    I just wana know more info about this bag .. size and dimensions? how much it holds? .. price? .. a modeling for someone who is about 5 5 to 5 7? .. what color clothing goes well with it? .. is this year's leather smooshy and delicious? .. is it structured or does it sag when full? ... EVERYTHING!!! kind of like incoralblue's anatomey of THE GH SANDSTONE HOBO type thing!! haha ..
  2. Im much too tired to go into an elaborate description but heres a pic of mine. Shes gorgeous but browns are not for me so Im returning her to Bal NY. Leather is amazing and thick, colour is sort of an oatmeal colour, bag is quite roomy but I havnt used it so couldnt tell you how much it holds and it was $1200something, I have to check my receipt for exact price. Im 5'3 btw and she fits perfectly, not too big, not too small

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  3. Shes beside my work so that should give you an idea of size. Its very neutral so goes with everything imo but mostly whites, golds, and earth tones i would say
  4. wow thanks sweety!! it was great seeing it next to the work .. i have work bags mostly so now i know what the size is like :smile: thanks!
  5. can i see comparison pics between SS and natural in daylight? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. [​IMG]

    The bag is lovely and the leather is TDF:tup: