GH PT vs GH City - This has been on my mind


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Apr 17, 2007
Fantasy Island
Would you agree that the shape of a broken in GH PT is actually more like a broken in RH City than a GH City?

Almost like the GH PT is a giant city and would have been if the giant city didn't exist?

(sounds like a Sex in the City question!)


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Oct 22, 2007
Columbus, Ohio
I totally know what you mean :yes: - the GH PT develops that gorgeous slouch that makes it look like a bigger version of the City, whereas the GH City tend to maintain the original square shape with little to no slouchiness. BT, you will totally adore your Black SGH PT when you find her - I really think it's one of the top style/color/hw combos ever and I can totally picture you rocking it :jammin::jrs:!!


Mar 16, 2007
since the PT has more leather and because of its east west shape. It definitely has more slouch than a GH city. A GH city does slouch though. I've seen them and they took look tdf but I think the PT slouches faster because its not a square as the GH cities which are more structured in comparison.

A very broken in PT does look gorge though and I've seen one that was used for 1 year solid, a vert gazon pt with ggh and it looked so slouchy and just different. The leather changed too. It got thicker and very matte. Like an old bbag actually. Same for a sandstone ggh city that my gf owns. Its her only gh bbg so its the main bag she uses and I've seen it from new looking all box like, to transforming now to extremly stretched thicker handles, the leather glaze disappears and the leather!! Again, it looks like an older leather bbag now, just with ggh on it. Thick smooshy. Almost like an 05 leather. I was so shocked (and pleased) to know that gh's will end up like that but they MUST be used constantly for that to happen.

Not sure if I answered your question though. lol!! The giant pt once broken in does shrink (like the gh work does) to looking somewhat like an oversized gh city. I saw somewhat because the city is still very compact when compared to the pt.


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Sep 27, 2006
Cambridge, MA
I love the PT slouch I see on the pictures you girls show but I just can't get into the PT. I'm insane about GH right now and I really REALLY REALLLLLLY love the look on the City. I'm working on mine right now and she's already getting that sexy slouch!

I think I'd like the PT more if it didn't have that seam down the middle of the front like the Work has. for some reason that totally turns me off to the larger bags. I hate that seam! O_O
Apr 3, 2006
Yes I know what you mean with the slouch of a broken in PT. It changes the proportions. The city is great as it can be used for evening still small enough, the PT looks alittle big and casual IMO......yes it had been on my mind too. I don't own either but I have spent quite a few time at the store trying both of these. bags.


Oct 26, 2006
Yes, I know what you mean. In proportion, the hardware and size of the city is like the same proportion on the GH part time. I love my GH part time (best bag EVER).
Feb 13, 2007
My first bbag is the city with rh, although i really wanted the city in gh, everyone was telling me how heavy it was - true enough, it's double the weight!

In terms of the size, i think there's not that much difference, but the city looks like it's the best size - if you have a city in rh, go for the part time - but if not the, city is the best size to go for if you're starting your bbag collection!

I hope that helps - GOOD LUCK! Nevertheless, either size will not be the last bbag purchase you'll have. My RH city is just a month old but i'm already planning my acquisition of a GSH in EB! Part time or city!:roflmfao:


Dec 11, 2006
Midwest America; God's country
I have to chime in about weight and Bal bags? As you know Brunette I'm a Chloe girl and I don't have to tell you how heavy those guys are (~trust me I don't mind~).

My new PT with SGH is a cake walk compared to my Chloe purses. I feel like I have a cloud on my shoulder when I carry it?