GH prices anyone?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has the list of GH prices versus RH prices? thanks!
  2. City $1595
    PT $1645
    Work $1795
    Day $1245
    and i am not sure about the Brief and Hobo
  3. thanks nanaz!! :heart:
  4. Heres an excerpt from a Bal email. Price of GH Hobo and Brief are in there.

    The styles it can be ordered in are the "giant" part-time $1645.00,
    the "giant" city $1595.00, the "giant" day $1245.00, the "giant" work
    $1725.00, and the "giant" brief $1595.00, and the "giant" hobo $1245.00 as
    well as a few new shapes.