GH Owner...tassles?

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  1. Did your GH bag come with extra tassles when you buy it new from department store? I know the only tassle you get is the one attached to the mirror. Do you get any extra tassles that is wrapped in a little package?
  2. no extra tassels with the GH . but you can order them from balenciaga new york.

  3. That's good to know! I thought they have forgotten to put an extra one in there. :smile: Thanks!
  4. Do the GH bags even have tassels?
  5. NOpe...they have zipper pulls instead. The only one tassle that is attached to the bag is the mirror :smile:
  6. Aahh, I see. Thanx!
  7. Could somebody post a pic of GH with tassles? Would it be "too much"?