GH or RH for Cafe Part time?

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  1. Should I have order an cafe GH from LVR or RH from aloha rag? GH or RH? So here is the dilemma.. :confused1: Honest opinions please! Thank you..
  2. I have the Cafe PT with GH so I may be biased. I love it because the RH hardware disappears on the Cafe' because the color is so dark. Here's a pic of my PT[​IMG]
  3. i actually thinking of buying a city with GH before i saw yours in the GH thread. that's how i ahd fallen in love for the part time w/ GH. ur cafe is gorgeous :drool:
  4. not a big fan of the GH (sorry)........ i prefer RH
  5. Will the GH be outdated very soon? that's what i'm worrying.. i actually like both..
  6. I will still go for RH instead of GH....i'm still a fan of RH....cheers
  7. The GH may be trendier and not stay in style as long as the RH. It really depends on the look you are going for. I saw a photo of this bag on the Bal website under the precollection photos and I couldn't stop thinking about it.....that's how I knew it was the one. Since then, I've been hooked on GH. I still love my RH bags though. Some colors just look better with RH, imo.
  8. I think this is gorgeous, and based on this would vote GH. But I've seen the GH IRL, and I just couldn't buy one myself. I think the choice is yours, its such a personal decision.
  9. it is really hard to decide.. if only i know how to set a poll for u all to decide for me.. i had the rh in other colors.. but as i look more into the GH pics i feel more hook into it..
  10. Is there a way for you to try one on in person? That's what I did. The first time I saw GH, I hated in person but liked it on the computer. A few months later, I went back and tried this one on and loved it. My eye had to warm up to the boldness of it.
  11. I totally agree. When I first saw the GH pics I thought it was just TOO MUCH! I am really conservative and wear dark colors all the time, and I usually prefer silver to gold. But then Bluefly got the GH bags in (for all of about 3 minutes, LOL) and I was lucky enough to score a truffle GH City. (I thought I'd just check it out, 'cuz they have a really nice return policy as long as you don't take the tag off of it.) I really like it. I haven't carried it though, so I still may return it, but the GH has definitely grown on me.

    All this to say....go for the GH!
  12. I think the GH is absolutely breathtaking on the brown bags. The first GH I saw IRL was Truffle and I was sold immediately. For a while I was enjoying the blingy colors with the GH but now I'm back to appreciating it mostly on the neutral bags. I definitely vote GH!
  13. GH! i think it really stands out on the dark colors. :smile:
  14. Gh
  15. Cafe was MADE for GH! Yes it's on the trendy side, but keep in mind that yellow gold is timeless.

    Get the GH! Cafe is extremely beautiful with RH, but it's a knock-out with GH!