GH Hobo - Can I see pictures of a stuffed bag carried?

  1. I see very little talk on the GH Hobo, even lesser pictures. I have seen gorgeous pictures(but so few of them) modelled.
    1. Is there really no love for a Hobo?
    2. Is the flatness of the hobo a pain? Would bulky items(eg GH CP/Wallet) show all the protusions?
    3. Does it looks like a stuffed pillow when you have wallets, pouches etc in it?
    4. How does the bag fall when carried(not empty bag)? Does it feel comfy against the body, would it be bulgy when it is stuffed?
    5. Size wise, does it hold less than tha first because of it's flatness?
    TIA! :smile:
  2. ^ i am curious too... saw a white and a bg both with ggh in bal hk today and i tried it on... looks really cute and the leather on those 2 are TDF. they were stuffed and didn't look like pillows at all.

    i am so tempted. but i am wondering if my cp and wallet will protrude?
  3. Here it is. I'm about 5'3" (156 cm).

  4. honeyp, Thank you for your picture. That's GORGEOUS!!! Do you have lots in your bag? Is that an Anthra or a Black?
  5. It's GGH Anthra. There were loads of things in it: a cosmetic bag, a wallet, a card holder, 2 cellphone, keys, car key. :smile:
  6. why is this in "care and maintenance"? :confused1:
  7. I'm receiving a GH Hobo next week and I will be doing a big post comparing it to the Courier and GH Day, with modeling pictures. :smile:

    honeyp, your pictures make me want mine even more! Really pretty - thanks for posting!
  8. moved to the main floor ;)
  9. Lovelygarments, Thank you! I saw that gorgeous photo when I was doing the GH Hobo research but I was hoping to have more pictures so I can make a better decision. Seems like the love for a HOBO is very low key around here.
  10. If I see any other photos, I'll be sure to post them in your thread. I love the GH Hobo - I think it is a gorgeous size and shape!
  11. lovely- your DD's hobo is sooooooooo cute! i never really cared for this style but it looks really nice on her.. (and i can't believe you're a grandma at all!! You look so young!)
  12. I hope she doesn't mind - these are among my favourite GH Hobo pictures from the very fashionable cityoflight. She is about 5'3" if I remember correctly. :yes:

    This girl has been responsible for making me want every bag she owns! :wtf: It's not hard to see why!
    4-6.jpg 5-7.jpg 7-7.jpg 8-4.jpg
  13. ^^You are so right, Cheshire Cat! CityofLight has great photos - she looks so great in all of her shots....:heart: along with her bags!
  14. I love the way the hobos look... I don't know why they're not more popular.