GH Hobo Bag - Should i get this? What you think?

  1. lovely bag. i like it a lot, but if you already have one with GH, why not a hobo in RH?
  2. it's a great looking bag and different than what you already have - I say go for it!!
  3. I like it, I would like one eventually!
  4. I like the Cafe Day w/GH. :yes: Do you need a dark color?:smile:
  5. U mean RH hobo, it the old style of hobo? Can't remember which one u are referring...can enlighten me? :drool:
  6. Ermm....that's why i'm still fact, i was exploring more various colors like, blue, pink or white/calcaire.....oh no, cannot really decide......:supacool:
  7. Thanks my frnds.....i was thinkin dat if i shld add one GH bag to my fact, that's true it's slightly different than wat i harm gettin it right? :yes: