GH for my 1st Balenciaga?

  1. Hello lovely Balenciaga ladies!

    I'm a newbie here - I'm usually over at the Chanel, Chloe, or MJ forums. I've never bought a Balenciaga, but there's something about the GH line that I find really striking.

    Those of you with GH bags - do you find them practical for everyday? Do the gold nuggets knock into things? Do you have to baby them?

    I used to carry a Chloe Paddy everyday, but after I accidentally smacked a 4 yr old at the aquarium, I've decided it's a hazard.

    An Aquamarine City is singing its siren song to me - please help! Should I go for it?
  2. yes
    super cute!
  3. go for it, honey - it's a super hot bag, and perfect for your first bbag!

  4. My first bag was a GH Day. It is a super fabulous bag. Very casual and chic. The hardware doesn't get in the way at ALL!
  5. Yes of courseeee...

    Aqua is gorgeous especially with GH:rolleyes:
  6. Absolutely! If it is singing to you, Go For It!!! :yes:
  7. Yes!

    I have this combo and it's stunning!
  8. Love it. Saw it IRL and the combo is GORGEOUS!!! go for it!
  9. thats one of the best choices you could have made ( and that comig from me who isnt really a fan of GH ) ! :yes: and ROFL at u swinging your paddy around, i always tell my mum , who hates them, that my paddy is a bag and a self defense weapon in one ! :wlae: