GH Flat Clutch .........pic inside

  1. Where can I find one? I spoke with Daphne and she didn't know anything about a flat clutch. Does anyone know?

  2. Thats the first time i've seen a pic of an 07 clutch... what are the dimensions? Anyone know what they retail for?
  3. I'm assuming they're the same size as the earlier models 8 x 11. I'm calling NM's tomorrow to see when they're getting them.
  4. There was press about this in the spring issue of Women's Wear Daily.

    They quoted Barneys NY in Madison as a store that will be carrying the accessories. I'll try and give them a call tomorrow to see if they have receive it or at least expecting it.

    I was there last month and they didn't have them then yet.

  5. Great! Thanks.....:smile:
  6. wow! that's a very cool bag!
  7. this is soo exciting! I'm guessing that the gold studs are smaller than the ones on the bags?? any updates anyone?
  8. thats a pretty clutch!
  9. does this come with the regular hardware? it's gorgeous! i'd love one in aquamarine or the new fall 07 violet!
  10. Yo dudes

    That is one sexy looking bag. How do I get my grubby paws on it????? And what colours do they come in and rough retail price????

    HMMMM. I think i am headed for trouble.
  11. 0o0o0o clutch!
  12. There was another post that mentioned NM's getting Black, Aqua and some other colors. I called NM Palm Beach yesterday and they haven't received them yet. I'll try another store today that can give me more info.
  13. I'm going to my tiny Saks today in Cincinnati - I'll look at their book to see what the U.S. Saks ordered - if they ordered them - colors, etc., and I'll get back with you later today. They are yummy looking, aren't they? Of course, I want one!
  14. does anyone know if bal paris or printemps is getting any flat clutches? they're too cool for me to pass up!
  15. I talked to my SA at NM recently, and these puppies are retailing for about $865 (I don't remember the exact price...but it's in that ballpark). They're also known as the giant flat travel clutch.