GH falling out?

  1. When I got out of my car, and took my GSH Plomb hobo out, and found that the handle was unlatched! The thimble(I don't know what to call it) was on the passenger chair! It turned out that the thimble was unscrewed from the rivet. I was able to screw it back on but not as tight as the other 3 that holds the handle.

    Has this happened to anybody?
  2. Nobody? Bueller? Anybody?
  3. No this hasn't happened to me but I don't have anything GH yet but am considering. I would definately bring the bag back to where you purchased it and ask for a replacement!
  4. yikes. i have a three ghs but this definately has not happened. take it back!
  5. it's never happened to me...but that's alarming!!! Is it fixable?
  6. Yipes! :wtf: I have several GH bags and this has never happened to me. Maybe someone else can weigh in about this one?
  7. Selfridges had a new black City with one of the giant studs missing from the rear handle. They tried to sell it to me cheap. I didn't buy because I thought this was very disfiguring.
  8. You shoulda bought it...Balenciaga will fix it free of charge (or only a very small fee).
  9. Sorry it took so long to reply back. Here's the results.

    It's fine now, i screwed it back on. I made sure to hold the rivet hard somehow, and screwed it back on. I just don't play with it anymore. Used to twirl it.