GH clutch, does anyone have it?

  1. Does anyone have the GH clutch? I think there are two styles. One that had a wrist strap and the other that opens like filing compartments ( think filing cabinet) So does anyone know the names to them and where you seen them? ( I know so needy, but I'm on a quest!) Thank you ladies in advance:okay:
  2. I have the Traveler and plan on getting the flat clutch with wrist strap as well. Here's a pic of the traveler (and if anyone currently has a flat clutch I would love to see pics of that, too)
  3. Holy Moo Cow, Circoit. That travel is absolutely stunning!! Did you post more photos on the forum anywhere? I would love to see additional pics.

  4. Circoit, I have to echo Chuggie! That is beautiful! :heart:
  5. Hi Chuggie! I did. I posted some pics of what I was able to fit inside. There weren't too many glamour shots of it, so I just posted the one, but I will post the rest.

    I just use it to hold baby essentials (diapers, wipes, etc) right now, but it contains little credit card slots so it could make a great clutch as well.
    traveler.jpg traveler2.jpg traveler3.jpg traveler5.jpg
  6. ohhhhh Thanks ladies:borg:can't resist, incoralblue the link was very helpful.