GH City vs RH Part Time? Opinions pls..

  1. I am looking at a GH City n a RH Part Time. My heart is for the GH City as I like the gold studs. My biggest concern is the weight and that it may not look proportionate on a City. Any comments pls? Anyone know the weight of both bags?

    I wish I can see both bags in person but there is none. There is no stock of them in the only Balenciaga shop.

  2. Have you considered the part time with GH? I don't have one yet, but I'll be getting it soon. Having seen them both irl and having tried them both on, the GH seems to suit the part time quite well b/c of the size. For me, none of these bags are heavy, at all! Having carried Isabella Fiore, Chloe, etc., any Bal, even a bigger style with GH is still light as air, lol! Good luck in your decision.
  3. Thanks Blue_Hour_Girl. Wow. I was told that Chloe paddy with the padlock is heavy. So far, most of the bags I carried are relatively light but with my junks in, they do weigh quite a fair bit.

    Do u know if the gold studs will tarnish over time? Thks.
  4. I am still in a dilemma as to what to get. I like both but my heart is for the GH City but my concerns are:

    1) Are the gold studs proportionate on the City?

    2) Will the bag look gaudy n overcrowded?

    3) Is it heavy? I know Blue_Hour_Girl said it is light as she carried Chloe n other heavier ones before.

    4) Will the gold studs tarnished over time or when scratched? Anyone know?

    The RH PT is lighter (not sure how much) n I guess more ""corporate" looking.

    Arggghhh. I wish I can see the bags in rl.

    All opinions welcome .... Thks
  5. I don't think the GH looks any gaudier on the city than it does on the part time. I actually prefer the City in GH over the Part Time in GH, even though I prefer the Part Time in RH over the City in RH (did you get that? seems a bit convoluted;) ). I don't like the way the Part Time slouches so much and obscures the GH from being displayed very well.

    I didn't notice any problem with the weight ... but I HAVE noticed problems with weight when lifting Chloes. I am a bbag-only type gal, so if the weight had been TOO much heavier than the RH, I think I would have noticed it (and not liked it).
  6. Thks Flatflux. I like your comparison :smile:.
  7. I remember reading a thread that the leather of RH City and GH City is different. I wonder is there anyone has seen both can tell me if this is true?