GH Balenciaga Day Bag: What Color?

  1. I really want to try the new GH Balenciaga bags. Specifically in Day. I know the white one looks fabulous, but if I don't get white, what other colors do you think would look great with the big giant gold hardware? Please advice.

    Also, what are the dimensions on Day vs. Hobo? Which one would be better for work?
  2. FB, Vert Gazen or Cafe.:yahoo: I like the Day better.:yes:
  3. I prefer the day bag as well. I think sandstone, truffle, marine or cafe would be delicious (and work approporiate).
  4. I like Marine Day with GH!!
  5. The Day! I'd love to see it in Cafe GH, or vert gazon GH!
  6. Vert gazon. Love Katie's. :yes: