GH bags - post your PICS

  1. I don't recall seeing a thread of pictures of all GH bags. Post yours!

    Aqua PT
  2. Cafe' Part-time......

  3. ^^ Beautiful Bag Cracker! It's looks like chocolatey goodness!:p
  4. gorgeous cracker!
  5. Is the aqua on the GH different than the RH... it looks darker/brighter on the GH bags.

    I like both the aqua & cafe posted... beautiful!
  6. yes, for some reason aqua leather is different from RH and GH.
  7. [​IMG]

    That aqua pt is beautiful. You traded it for your VG PT, right?
  8. I'm obsessed with GH lately, here's another...........(it doesn't belong to me):sad:

    Aqua Work

  9. Well it's absolutely YUMMY on the GH bags:yes: :drool:
  10. peachyo, messengerbaglover, verty thanks for the compliments on my bag of the moment.

    Any girls out there with French Blue GH or Vert to see some pics!
  11. cracker- the gh is definitely growing on me!! i think the cafe brings out the GH very nicely. feeling an itch for the cafe gh!!

  12. Go for it! I'm hooked......I'm trying to limit myself though to just a few.
  13. Here is one in French Blue:

  14. yes, the aqua is no longer mine.
  15. here's a marine day