GH anthra day

  1. Has anyone seen one of these? I want one now! TIA
  2. I was e-mailing with Kim at BalNY not too long ago about a GH anthra day, and they still had a couple. I decided against it, so maybe they still have one!
  3. NM Fashion Island has a GORGEOUS one. Only I'm not 100% positive it was Anthra (and this is coming from someone who owns this color!). I sort of think it might be Steel but the SA said it was Anthra.
  4. Thanks girls! ICB and Cracker helped me locate one and it's on it's way! My first GH!
  5. The NM in Fashion Island carries Balenciaga? That I did not know! Was this bag in the gold GH or silver GH?
  6. Yep! They have a decent selection although it was mostly repeats of the same colors. The bag in question has gold GH. It is hotness.