GGH...will it tarnish?

  1. This question may have been answered already, but I did a search and didn't find anything. I bought my first GGH bbag today (cafe part-time...can't tell you how much im in love with it :heart::yahoo:)....and im thinking about applying AG protectant spray over it. However, I'm already a bit worried about the gold hardware tarnishing over time - will the chemicals in the AG spray affect the hardware coloring at all? or maybe speed up the tarnishing process?

    what do you guys think? for those of you who have sprayed your GH bags, did you also spray over the hardware? has there been any coloring change?

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  2. hmm is no one responding because no one's had the GH long enough to know whether it'll tarnish?

    did everyone spray AG protectant over the hardware also?