GGH turning silver at the edges?

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  1. Hi all, my GGH in black is about a year old and I've noticed some of the nuggets are fading to a silver tone around the edges. Is there anything I can cover this up with? It's definitely not tarnish, just fading like other jewelry that is dipped gold coloured or wear on pull tabs.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. wow, i have ggh bags from 2007 and this has not happened to me. this is a little worrying. can anyone chip in their experience?
  3. Mine's kind of doing it too, especially on the studs that rub on your clothing when you have the bag over your shoulder. I think it's just the gold coating coming off molecule by molecule...
  4. OMG my RGGH studs on my town are doing the same thing :tdown:
  5. it happened to my ex black ggh pt from 07 , gold giant faded around edges too :sad:
  6. really? would have wanted my 3rd bbag to be a black ggh pt...have 2 rggh right now, thinking maybe it would not be too obvious if ever the rggh fades as long as the o rings and bales will not turn silver (which I think would really look disgusting)...also one of the reasons I decided to get the pivoine rggh and not wait for the pivoine ggh, although the ggh looks so dainty against the pivoine, like hello kitty:smile:
  7. I'm not surprised. I accidentaly scuffed my GGH lightly :sad: and the metal underneath the gold is silver.