GGH Money: Sahara or Vert Foret?

  1. Hi! I'm getting a GGH money from AR. But I can't decide between Sahara and Vert Foret. Sahara's such a gorgeous colour while Vert Foret's equally gorgeous in a different way. So which one should I get? My white work is getting sent to me from AR today :yahoo:so which colour would compliment it better?

    And for those who are interested, AR still has the GGH Violet Money. It's a pretty colour but everytime I see the colour, I'm just reminded of the Violet SGH work fiasco on eBay of mine that is still pending. I've sent the shoes back (they're still in transit) and she wants to look for "evidence" from the package before deciding if she wants to refund my money. Meanwhile, apparently someone other than the seller had mailed the package but the seller refuses to tell me if she had asked the sender about the wrong item being sent even though mine was the 2nd messup the sender had made. Violet just makes me :throwup: now.
    Sahara GGH money.jpg Vert Foret GGH money.jpg
  2. I'd go with the vert foret. The colour is gorgeous against the GGH and it will last much longer than the Sahar which I personally think is too light a colour for a wallet. Good luck with the eBay fiasco.
  3. The Sahara!
  4. Vert Foret. If you're going to do Gold hardware it pops more against the color and in the long run the color won't get dirty from money.
  5. i like the sahara! :o)
  6. I love Vert Foret! Would stay cleaner too!
  7. Vert Foret...light colored wallets tend to get dirty quickly.
  8. Im sorry to hear about the violet fiasco :sad:, I hope you get your money back!! As for the wallet, I'd go for the VF, looks so classy to me!! But maybe I am just partial to VF cuz I had a City in that color and I loved it!!
  9. I vote sahara in terms of color. But are you worried at all about a light color showing more wear?
  10. Go green girl! vert~~
  11. Yeah, I was thinking about the wear and all and since it's a wallet, it's going to get more beat up than a bag (well my wallets do anyway because they get thrown into my backpack for school) so Vert Foret sounds like a more logical and practical choice. But isn't the Sahara gorgeous? I saw it IRL at BalSG. It was like the only SS 08 thing that they'd gotten in because I went in mid-December. Gosh, it's a hard decision as both are such beautiful, classy colours that I'll never tire of looking at. I think though that for practicality's sake, I'll get the Vert Foret. Thanks ladies and gentleman for your lovely and valuable advice! :flowers: Now I have to go email AR and send them my charge form for the vert foret. :graucho: I'll post modelling pics of the white work and the vert foret when I get them!
  12. Oh peppers, I was going to get the vert d'eau in a work since I'm a chronic overpacker but changed my mind at the last moment because of the picture of Lindsey Lohan with her white work in the picture in the whowhatwear (or something like that) article that ICB and Glossie posted. It's soooo beautiful. But your vert d'eau looks so pretty in your modelling pics too... :heart: So yes, I should get a vert something huh? :lol:
  13. Hey girl~how about a vert foret wallet, sahara city, and a vert d'eau work?? got 'em all in one!!
  14. Vert Foret Wallet. Its a beautiful colour. And it doesnt show dirt that easily.
  15. LOL, my mom would totally slaughter me if she knew that I was spending my summer earnings on that much Balenciaga. Slaughter me and probably sell my hide to Bal... Just kidding... :sweatdrop: But yes, I'm thinking of getting the turquoise work as well, which Kim at BalNY assures me the waiting list is long for so hopefully I get it. If not then :shrugs:. Maybe they'll have something even better for FW. Actually, I hope that we get spy pics of the FW swatch before the turq work comes. Ooh, I am terrible. I'm always thinking that something better will come out next season and it'll be my HG but I won't have enough funds to buy it. I think that I like the anticipation of finding a bag as much as getting the bag (sometimes even more than I like the actual bag). Haha. :shame: